Warehousing & Distribution

Our show case!! Warehouse logistics is an integral part of any supply chain and serves a critical hub for the storage, organization, and distribution of goods. Dexlo offers several benefits that contribute to the smooth functioning of supply chain and efficient inventory management by providing dedicated space for storing goods.
At Dexlo, we recognize the crucial role that warehousing plays in the whole supply chain, and we are dedicated to offering solutions that improve supply chain flexibility, maximize capacity, and expedite the flow of goods.

 Our cutting-edge warehouse facilities are positioned to save costs and transport times, providing a holistic solution for companies looking to gain a market advantage. Utilizing automated methods, we maximize space utilization while upholding strong inventory control. Our clients may make well-informed decisions and respond quickly to market demands by using real-time tracking and monitoring technologies that guarantee visibility into inventory levels.
To reduce your logistics expenses and increase lead time to customers with its easy access to major highways and airports, our centralized locations warehouse and distribution centres near or in route to your vendors, distributors or production facilities, can add major contribution in supply chain industry.
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Dexlo facilitates picking, packing, labelling, quality control, packaging, re-packing and cargo insurance, process of planning, implementing inventory management and managing the flow of goods within warehouse and throughout the supply chain to optimize efficiency, minimize risk and meet customer demands.

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