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At Dexlo, we respond à to challenges, keep ideas floating and take actions to create simple, flexible and reliable logistics solutions to keep things moving for companies. No matter how complex your supply chain is, our passionate people backed by technology and our simple & flexible infrastructure ensure that your goods reach your international markets to your clients.

Explore our class leading air, ocean, road and warehousing solutions.

You can count on our responsive services that help you bring your goods where they are required. No excuses – just simple, flexible and reliable ways of moving your shipments

Ocean Freight:  

Move your cargo to overseas markets by ocean in a very cost-effective and secure manner. Dexlo partners with specifically selected ocean carriers with reliable schedules to cater to your business.

Air Freight: 
Move your cargo to overseas markets by air freight with speed and reliability. Dexlo works with major airliners to ensure your business have access to flexible schedules with services at different price points.

Warehousing & Distribution:  

Our show case!! Warehouse logistics is an integral part of any supply chain and serves a critical hub for the storage, organization, and distribution of goods.

Road Freight: 
Whether you are moving cartons, a pallets, less than truck load, full truck load, within Malaysia by road or Singapore or Thailad – Dexlo has a solution for all your needs

Dexlo Logistics: Navigating Global Trade with Excellence

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Exceptional Service Commitment

Exceeding Expectations with Quality Care and Proven Excellence.

Global Connectivity Mastery

Expert in Global Trade, Linking Malaysia to Key Destinations

Resilient Global Chains

Adaptable, Dynamic Supply Chains Ensuring Global Efficiency and Resilience

Navigating Global Waters

Safely Navigating Global Trade with Meticulous Ocean Freight Operations

Handling Excellence

Precision in Handling All Cargo Types—Comprehensive Logistics Excellence.

Logistics Mastery

Elevate Logistics—Insurance, Picking, Packing, Customs, Warehousing Excellence


Air Cargo Excellence

Dexlo’s Strategic Alliances, Top Airlines, Competitive Rates, Efficient Routing.

Supplemental Insurance

Flexible cargo insurance for valuable shipments, ensuring peace of mind

Effortless Global Trade

Precision in Handling All Cargo Types—Comprehensive Logistics Excellence.

End-to-End Efficiency

Optimized Supply Chain, Customs Clearance to Timely Delivery

Efficient Excellence

Dexlo’s Mastery for Timely Deliveries and Cost Efficiency

Tailored Air Freight

Responsive, Precisely Fit for Unique Shipping Needs.

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Decades of Logistics Mastery:

Tailored Trucking for Diverse Transportation Needs

Urban to Remote Links

Dexlo’s Seamless Business Connections Across Landscapes

Dexlo Ground Freight Mastery

Versatile FTL, LTL, Heavy Hauling Options

Dexlo's Drayage Mastery

Efficient Short to Long-Haul Transportation Solutions.


Seamless Ex-Works to Door Deliveries—Complete Transport Solutions in Malaysia.

Fleet Reliability

Reliable Fleet for Flexible LTL & FTL Solutions



Logistics Revolution

Dexlo’s Game-Changing Evolution—Transforming Shipments with Value-Added Mastery.

Holistic Logistics Excellence

Dexlo’s Diverse Offerings Transform Supply Chains.

Operational Excellence Boost

Dexlo Optimizes Corporations with Efficient Supply Chain Solutions.

Global Special Cargo Mastery

Dexlo’s Credible Expertise for Efficient International Solutions

Transformational Logistics Experience

Elevate Logistics with Reliability, Efficiency, and Transformational Excellence.

Customer-Centric Approach

Success Commitment—Customer-Centric Logistics with Dedicated Support at Every Step.

Large container carrier is at sea.
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Efficiency Nexus

Vital Hub for Precision Storage and Organizational Solutions

Peak Performance Oasis

Streamlined Operations, Dedicated Space for Supply Chain Brilliance

Agile Brilliance

Dexlo Crafts Strategic Flexibility, Maximized Capacity, and Velocity.

Elite Warehouses

Precision Savings, Operational Excellence, and Market Domination Mastery.

Dynamic Visibility

Real-Time Insights for Swift Decisions and Market Agility.

Strategic Central Hubs

Trim Costs, Boost Efficiency, and Accelerate Customer Lead.



Velocity through Customs

Dexlo’s Prowess for Effortless, Swift International Clearance

Global Customs Symphony

Dexlo’s Experts Master Diverse Regulations for Effortless Processes

Customs Harmony Alliances

Dexlo’s Strategic Partnerships for Effortless Global Clearance

Trade Complexity Mastery

Dexlo Turns Challenges into Effortless Opportunities.

Profit Propel

Dexlo’s ingenuity fuels profits, transcending complexities in the global trade landscape.

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